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Dirk De Wit

Dirk De Wit (°1960) is works on visual arts and coordinates international relations of the Flanders Arts Institute. From 2003 to 2014, Dirk De Wit was coordinator of the digital platform of BAM – Institute of Visual arts and became director of BAM in 2007. Before, Dirk De Wit worked as a free-lance curator for Palais des Beaux-Arts Brussels, Centre Pompidou and Kunstenfestivaldesarts, was curator and later director of arts center STUK in Leuven between 1989 and 1996, has set up a new institution for art and media Constant, Brussels in 1997 and was artistic team member of Brussels2000 – cultural capital of Europe.

Flanders Arts Institute
Brussels, Belgium
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RESHAPE (Reflect, Share, Practice, Experiment) is a 3-year trajectory aiming at the development of new organisational models for a fair, sustainable, solidary and geographically balanced arts ecosystem in Europe and South Mediterranean countries. Forty artists and art professionals (we call them ‘Reshapers’) are working in small groups on answers and proposals around 5 complementary topics like value of social fabric, fair governance, solidarity funding, trans/post national practices and art and citizenship. Apart from these workshops in small groups, all Reshapers work together during a week in the form of an ‘intensive’; one was organised in Cluj in November 2019 and a second one was planned from 9 to 13 march in Zagreb, Croatia.

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