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The Long Tables

Innovative structures and projects exist and emerge across Europe and South Mediterranean. They experiment with a variety of strategies to engage diverse audiences, to connect across sectors, to be more aligned with the values they defend. These initiatives, although often fragile and disconnected, are the 'weak signals,' the indicators of possible evolutions and future models.

On the second day of the forum, the floor is open to all participants to point out, discuss, quarrel and question existing and possible answers, strategies, solutions, and practices. 

A Long Table is a free and open format of discussions created by the American artist and activist Lois Weaver, inspired by dinner table conversations and durational performances. Its objective is not to come up with conclusions or agreements, but rather to make sure that conversation can happen. Each table is dedicated to one of the RESHAPE topics. To start a discussion, provoke or inspire, each table will have a special guest, coming to Lublin with initial thoughts around the topic. 

If you are interested in more than one topicc, no worries, you can join a different table in the afternoon. You can discuss, or only observe; you can stay at one table, or change topic during the brake. But remember, we aim for solutions, not complaints! 

Table 1 - Art and Citizenship, hosted by Rarita Zbranca with Siegmar Zacharias 
Table 2 - Fair Governance Models, hosted by Tamara Bracic with Vania Rodrigues
Table 3 - Value of Art in Social Fabric, hosted by Dirk De Wit with Silke Bake
Table 4 - Solidarity Funding, hosted by Steven Brett with Jumana Al-Yasiri 
Table 5 - Transnational/Postnational Artistic Practices, hosted by Ash Bulayev, with Silvia Bottiroli


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