Rébecca Chaillon

Rébecca Chaillon is a director, performance artist, actress, author and Scorpio, Taurus rising. She lives and breathes activism, loves debate and performing naked. Her family: the Compagnie Dans le Ventre. Rébecca Chaillon was born in 1985 and is originally from Martinique and Montreuil. After a period working with CEMEA (Centres d’Entraînement aux Méthodes d’Education Active) and in socially interactive theatre with Compagnie Entrées de Jeu, she placed her trust in Rodrigo Garcia and dived into performative writing. She is also part of the RER Q collective.

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In Digestion

Rébecca Chaillon is a performance artist, author, and director. Her article is a deeply personal account on the processes of racialisation and an artist’s pursuit to unpack, interrogate and confront them in the context of her art. In this powerful plea for artistic and personal emancipation, Chaillon deconstructs assumptions, mixes and overlaps identities, shares questions and personal victories intertwined with society’s reluctant transformations.

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