Work is always elsewhere? Second workshop in trajectory "Transnational/postnational artistic practices"

The second workshop in trajectory Transnational / postnational artistic practices is held in Istanbul from 29 to 31 January 2020.

Fiction can be a powerful political tool: we are at the moment when the new, imagined and unimaginable solutions are needed more urgently than ever. There is a strong need to imagine working together in the transnational arts landscape. What’s the way to support each other through diverse contexts and urgencies? How to practice the common while being together physically becomes a luxury? How to root one’s own practice locally, when, to one of the Reshapers, „work is always elsewhere”?

We are working at the moment on some tools and practices than can support the artists and art workers on their every day struggles, that would shift the focus from the individual to the common, that would strengthen singular voices and that would help us to understand our own privileges - and make use of them. Fiction will not solve the real problems, but can open new perspectives, that will help us overcome them. We are imagining and sketching some alternative models and fictionalize the reality - only to open the doors for solutions that might be unthinkable otherwise.

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