Archetypes for a Journey & Governance of the Possible

Presentation of Reshape & A Tarot deck to Reshape the Arts workshop at Saari Well Assembly (Finland)

The Saari Residence in Finland, Northern Europe, is an international artist in residence for professional artists and artist collectives of various fields. Residency is maintained by Kone Foundation and it’s located in Mynämäki, Southwest Finland. Saari Well Assemblyis a short residency and the first platform created for scholars, writers and activists on artist residency research and writing to come together, to meet each other and share their projects, thoughts and ideas. In this context and as a conclusion to 4 days of presentations, discussions and working sessions Pau Catà and ARRN_Art Residency Research Network presented Reshape and A Tarot deck to Reshape the Arts.

The collaborative question we asked to the Tarot was How do we redirect what we have here to save the planet? Which allowed us to reflect on sustainability, care, ecology, chronodiversity and further action in the near future in the context of Art Residencies. The workshop allowed to break with the standard conference format and unfold from an holistic prespectives further discussions and engagements.

The participants of the session were Miriam La Rosa, Kathryn S. Roberts Rita Vargas, Kari Conte, Taru Elfving, Maria Hirvi-Ijäs, Jaana Eskola, Ki Nurmenniemi, Leena Kela and Irmeli Kokko, and the session was facilitated by Patricia Healy McMeans, Morag Iles, Pau Catà and Angela Serino.


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