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Welcome to Cluj!

Cluj (officially Cluj-Napoca) is among the largest cities in Romania, with over 400.000 people living in its metropolitan area. It is a diverse and dynamic city, where around 80.000 students live. The city has a quite remarkable cultural scene and an active civil sphere.

Some down sides: the traffic, insufficient bike lanes and public transport options, lacking some infrastructure, construction works happening everywhere, had a nationalistic mayor not too long ago and a pretty high cost of living for Romania. But all in all it’s a pleasant city to visit.

Find some of the reasons why in this list.


The currency in Romania is LEI/RON. The average exchange rate: 1 EUR = 4.76 LEI. We advise you use ATM to cash LEI from your card or exchange EUR/USD in exchange offices in the city centre (0%commission). Inside the airport you find a cash machine (regular bank ATM, no extra commissions). You will also find an exchange office, exchange rates are not so good, so if you exchange cash, buy a small amount of RON / LEI.

Transport and mobility

Around the city by foot or using the public transport network.

All our venues and points of interest during the week are within walking distance: 15-25 minutes.

Information on public transport routes and fares are available online. Unfortunately there are no convenient public transport connections between the airport and the hotel and the hotel and our venues.

Taxis are a rather cheap (0.4 EUR/km) way to move around the city, you can use Clever app to get a taxi fast, wherever you are.
You can also use UBER, BOLT.

Venues and places

Detailed map of venues.

Contacts and Emergencies

Local team

Unique emergency number


Pharmacies and hospitals

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