Nina Möntmann

Nina Möntmann is Professor of Art Theory at the University of Cologne, curator, writer and PI at the Global South Study Center (GSSC) at the University of Cologne. Before she has been Professor of Art Theory and the History of Ideas at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, and curator at NIFCA, the Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art in Helsinki. Recent exhibitions include: Fluidity (Kunstverein in Hamburg 2016); Harun Farocki: A New Product (Deichtorhallen Hamburg, 2012); If we can't get it together. Artists rethinking the (mal)functions of community (The Power Plant, Toronto, 2008); The Jerusalem Show: Jerusalem Syndrome (co-curated with Jack Persekian), 2009; the Armenian Pavillion for the 52nd Venice Biennial. Recent publications include Kunst als Sozialer Raum; and the edited volumes Brave New Work. A Reader on Harun Farocki’s film ‚A New Product’, engl./dt.; Scandalous. A Reader on Art & Ethics; New Communities and Art and Its Institutions.

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Agencies of Art: A Report on the Situation of Small and Medium-sized Art Centres in Denmark, Norway and Sweden

How can one fathom the implications and values of smaller arts institutions within the greater art ecosystem? One key aspect is their ground-breaking approach to relations between art and society, education, and the formation of public spheres. Another is their important role in local communities whilst maintaining a constant dialogue within the international arts context. But how can we create dialogue around the values that are being built – beyond visitor numbers and media coverage? What cooperative processes can be adopted so that artists and culture, small and large institutions, municipalities, regions, states, and federal politics all cooperate to encourage art’s potential?

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