Laura Roth

Laura Roth lives in the Basque Country and holds a PhD in political philosophy, in addition to two small children. She is obsessed with the promotion of a political culture based on democracy and care, from a feminist perspective. In order to do this, she is trying to connect her activism in the municipalist movement with her research and to make these compatible with life and care. She has recently been focusing on the relationship between the feminisation of politics, democracy and municipalism.

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Feminist Practices, Radical Politics

Feminism seems to be gaining momentum in many countries, but most organisations and groups are still working on the basis of patriarchal standards. The ‘feminisation of politics’ includes different elements, which all aim to change the way activism and politics (in a broad sense) are done. A feminist way of organising includes considerations such as gender balance, building power through cooperation, collective leadership, democratic decision-making, care (for peers, for dependent beings and for oneself), intersectional understanding of issues, and non-violence.

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