ConferenceReshaping the Art World: An Experiment in Collaborative Change-making

RESHAPE Prototype

Gamified Workshop Toolkit: Values of Solidarity

During this workshop, we will test ‘The Gamified Workshop Toolkit’, a card game specially designed for teams from different cultures, backgrounds, or personal situations, that are just beginning their collaboration.

The cards give participants the chance to express what values are important to them in their collaboration, to understand how others think and what is important and necessary to work together. Through these conversations, people involved in a collaboration have the chance to recognise and identify mechanisms that, although often invisible, cause tensions and difficulties. It helps teams to develop their own framework of values that support solidarity.

Finally, the game also gives a chance to get to know each other through the discussed values before embarking on the design and/or implementation of their project. Join in to test the game you may want to use in your future projects.

The workshop will be self-managed with support by Doreen Toutikian, Dorota Ogrodzka and Aniko Rácz, authors of the Gamified Workshop Toolkit.


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RESHAPE Prototype

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