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Artist dinner

Artist Dinners

Opium Clippers

A tea tasting dinner with storytelling and snacks from different tea cultures by Neja Tomšič, a visual artist whose interdisciplinary practice combines research with drawing, video, poetry and performance. Her guests will be able to peek into the Opium Clippers - a visual essay and tea ceremony, where stories of opium traders and their empires merge with paintings, tastes and sounds of tea making, leading us to reflect on the deep implications of the tea and opium trade on our times.

Eclectic and incomprehensible taste of Ljubljana

Muanis Sinanović, a poet, critic and essayist, will prepare a dinner that marks his stay in Ljubljana over the years. A dinner that combines the characteristics of Ljubljana: seemingly small and simple, but still eclectic and incomprehensible.

Dinner Choreographies

Lea Kukovičič, a theatre maker and devised theatre director believes that the world situation forces us to think about encounters and value the presence of the Other. Sharing food serves as the dramaturgy for an encounter and the dinner takes the role of the choreographer. The food is not as important as the situation of being somewhere with someone.

Taste of someone’s interests

Metod Zupan, a performer, critic and post-graduate student of sociology of culture and art history will give a bite into his current interests. His guests will taste various treats from the emancipatory nature of marginal genres, to cocktails of arts and humanities. He will also treat them with fresh ideas, seasoned with his and his guests’ own experiences and inspirations. There will also be food.

Seafood lottery

Name:, visual artist, whose work reflects question of (ab)use of public space and environment with the emphasis on current social changes, will be returning from fishing holidays – if successful, the dinner will be a treat for seafood lovers, otherwise more for vegetarians. Check his catch on Instagram account @name.studios


Počemučka in Russian translates to a child who always asks why, but it is also a group of young Slovene artists, who in tight relationship to its name always wonder why and how, mostly in theater making. They also love to eat and drink and talk. In one of their flats, there will be a table, some plates, glasses, and lots of things to put on and in them.


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Horizontal Forum

4D Catch up session by Reshapers and FARO: Eduardo Bonito, Lala Deheinzelin, Livia Diniz, Isabel Ferreira, Katarina Pavic and Claire Zerhouni


Marko Bulc: First Altruistic Performance

The First Altruistic Performance isbased on the author’s frustration and dissatisfaction with most of the so‑called artivistic projects (including his own), which exploit unfortunate, unjust, illegal, and similar miserable situations of the other and the others for self‑promotion and to strengthen their artistic ego, while being for the most part self‑sufficiently confined within the boundaries of the art system.

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