Do it Together. Practices and Tendencies of Participatory Governance in Culture in the Republic of Croatia

Participation does not imply only joining in the game but also the rules of the game, i.e., the conditions under which the game is played. Understanding these rules and the possibility of creating them make the key difference. Participation in this case becomes a tool for positive changes

Kultura nova, a Croatia based foundation that provides professional and financial support to programmes developed by organizations of civil society in culture, has published a collection of papers “Do it Together. Practices and Tendencies of Participatory Governance in Culture in the Republic of Croatia”. The book builds on the results of the two-year project “Approaches to Participatory Governance of Cultural Institutions” which Kultura Nova Foundation implemented with the support of UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD).

Based on all collected data, conducted analysis and gained insights, his book containing notes for cultural policy was created as a joint work of the researchers and the director of the Foundation. Besides the wide theoretical coverage and analysis of concepts such as cultural participation, decentralization, local cultural planning and development and participatory governance in culture, the book included the creation of seven case studies comprising seven different models of participatory governance of socio-cultural centres that are being developed in different parts of Croatia: Lazareti Socio-Cultural Centre in Dubrovnik, Community Centre Čakovec in Čakovec, Socio-Cultural Centre in Karlovac, Molekula in Rijeka, Rojc Community Centre in Pula, Youth Home in Split and Pogon — Zagreb Centre for Independent Culture and Youth in Zagreb. The book also proposes recommendations and analytical framework for changes in the cultural policy.

Editor of the publication is Dea Vidović, director of Kultura Nova Foundation. Alongside Dea Vidović, authors of the texts are Ana Žuvela, Davor Mišković, Mirko Petrić and Leda Sutlović.

The publication is available for download here.

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