Archetypes for a Journey & Governance of the Possible

Presentation of Reshape & A Tarot deck to Reshape the Arts workshop at GREC Pro (Catalonia)

The Festival Grec de Barcelona (or Grec Festival of Barcelona) is an international theatre, dance, music and circus festival. Over the course of its history, this long-standing event has become a major summer attraction in Barcelona. The festival takes its name from its main venue: an open-air theatre (the Teatre Grec) built on Mount Mounjuic for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. At first, this “Greek Theatre” was the only venue used for festival productions, but, today, the Grec programme embraces many other theatres, cultural over the city of Barcelona. The festival pursues a two-fold mission: firstly, to stage the most outstanding works by Catalan artists and companies, providing them with support by producing their shows for performance at the festival; and, secondly, to present all the most interesting shows from Spain and the rest of the world every year. For the 2021 edition the focus of the GREC Festival was artistic production from Africa. In this context and as part of the GREC Pro section Milica Ilić and Pau Catà presented RESHAPE and A Tarot deck to Reshape the Arts.

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