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Vincent Collet

After acting studies in Rennes and Paris, I graduated from a Master degree in directing and dramaturgy from University Paris 10 (2007). Since 2010 with 2 other artists and 1 producer, we form LE JOLI COLLECTIF running the Théâtre de Poche, a venue for contemporary performing arts in Hédé (Brittany), a 45 years old institution in a small rural town near Rennes. From 2016, due to my experience of managing a team of ten people in a theatre, I wanted to renew my artistic approach and decided to perform stories that are really active for me and reflects my own concern. I planed the cycle POWER/OR NOT to investigate: how to make a decision in a community? how the elected people feel in political institutions? Is the justice notion a common feeling on a territory, shaped by the intimacy, the geography, the history of the community?

For the 3 projects, we (the same group of 4 performers) start from a classical play, just for inspiration, we imagine how to really live it, we do it and use the material for the performance:
1- THE BLIND, Maeterlinck (2018) we rewrote the play after we went into the wild to improve how a group can find his way if nobody wants to lead, applying different protocols like walking all together straight on, without speaking…
2- ANTIGONE, Brecht (2019) does the parallel between the myth and the European crisis due to a lack of democracy. In Brussels last November, invited by La Bellone, we interviewed 16 different people in 10 days: European deputies, activists, lobbyists, philosophers... on stage, we’ll use the words of the interviewees in a way to expose a story of Europe while playing circus games.
3- JUSTICE PROJECT(2021) organized in several modules, each one will be a portrait of a community. We ride bicycles for a few days, sleeping homestays, and meeting people in each village.

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