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Sandra Cadenas Sesma

I graduated on the Faculty of Fine Arts in Bizkaia and currently I am studying a Masters in Contemporary, Technological and Performative Arts.

My main insterests as an artist are performative actions which take place in the urban sphere. The context is everything for me. I work with a real situation, which involves establishing contact with the community and analyzing the space. I investigate about the triad of public/private/intimate with a big social feature, immersing myselft into a process where the experience is the most important. I am also very curious about the way we construct our relationships, and how we interact with each other. Because of that my artistic projects involve participation and collaboration.

I have taken part in Gau Irekia 2017, which is an event held in the less privileged neighbourhoods of Bilbao. It works to promote a sense of community by organizing cultural events during a night. For this I presented a piece which was both collaborative and participative, creating a giant blanket by sewing sessions I organized in the neighbourhood.

My last degree project, was the experience of an approach to the homeless people in Bilbao. During 4 months I walk through the streets of Bilbo and established contact with the homeless people I found. Little by little a relationship between me and them started taking place, based on communication. I developed 3 registers of the process, although it is the experience what really counts.

I am particularly insterested in the fields of Art and Citizenship and The Value of Art in Social Fabric. Artists are often viewed as people who live in their own world who have not much links with the community they live in. By taking part on projects that are based on the community I try to bring closer the boundary between artists and citizens. Also my works are more based on a theorical investigation of the situation I want to work with and the experience of the process I implicate myself on rather than on a final product.

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