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Monika Kwaśniewska

Assistant at the Theater and Drama Chair of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland, editor of “Didaskalia: A Theater Journal”. She graduated also from Gender Studies – Postgraduate Studies at the Jagiellonian University. Authoress of books: „Od wstrętu do sublimacji. Teatr Krzysztofa Warlikowskiego w świetle teorii Julii Kristevej” [From Disgust to Sublimation: the Theatre of Krzysztof Warlikowski in the Light of Julia Kristeva’s Theory] (2009), „Pytanie o wspólnotę. Jerzy Grzegorzewski i Jan Klata” [A Question about the Community: Jerzy Grzegorzewski and Jan Klata] (2016), “Teatr - Festiwal - Instytucja. Ćwiczenia z krytyki instytucjonalnej” [Theater - Festival - Institution. The Exercise of Institutional Critique] (2019, in preparation) and many articles, reviews and interviews printed in “Didaskalia”, “Dialog”, “Polish Theater Journals”.

Her research interests cover: collective work in contemporary theater and performing art, contemporary acting in the performative and institutional perspective, institutional critique in theater and visual arts, organization and role of theater festivals. For several years, she has been conducting a series of interviews with young actresses and actors, asking also about relations in a theater school and then in performative work at the repertory theatre and as freelancer. From 2019, she participates in the project concerning psychological and sexual violence in theatrical work.

She published also in English (among others on the Internet: "The Actor in the Deadlock of Contemporary Folwark Relations"; A "Feigned Emancipation"; From a "Rebel to an Expert: the Media Images of Jan Klata".

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