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Max Schweder

I'd like to represent our international and inclusive Performing Arts Company Un-Label from Cologne. We bring artists with and without disabilities from all over Europe together. Un-Label produces contemporary stage performances, inspires and links science and research. We keep discovering new possibilities!

I personally am a Musician based in Cologne. I did my Bachelor in Jazz in Arnhem (NL) and Cologne (GER) and my Masters in Music Production in Cologne (GER). I work as a free Musician in ever changing and evolving projects. One of my main projects next to Un-Label is my electronic Band Cylvester. With this band we developed a visual system that is reactive to everything we do on stage and that expands and transforms the small movements, that are necessary for our musical performance into a larger, visual experience (video).

Music-Video Trailers and Teasers for Un-Label: ("Present" 2018), ("Un-Label" 2016), ("Teaser for Un-Label"), ("Verflüchtigung" 2014).

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