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Kinga Réka Kovács

I am a 37 years old cultural manager from Cluj, Romania. After finishing my BA in theatre studies in 2004, I started working at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj (ten years in total, with a three years break when I worked at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest as head of President's Office, then as a Performing Arts Expert). At the theatre, besides the occasional artistic work (translations, dramaturgy, assistance to the stage directing etc.) I was responsible - and also very engaged - with the various aspects of the management. As Program Director I was coordinating the main artistic office of the theatre, the international relations and also the Interferences International Theatre Festival.

Between 2005 and 2018 I collaborated with several other institutions and organizations like the Bucharest National Theatre Festival or the Union of Theatres of Europe and I attended two entrepreneur courses in the field of creative industries.

After the quite long experience as cultural manager in state financed institutions, in January 2019 I joined the team of the Paintbrush Factory in Cluj as Executive Director. I am currently learning to face the challenges of the independent artistic and cultural sector, from the financial and event planning to the implementation of the new strategy of an organization that is permanently analyzing and negotiating its role and institutional possibilities in the local context. Meeting other professionals that activate in this field would definitely help me in this process.

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