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Julia Gnatowska

I am a young visual artist and researcher currently based in Berlin. Currently I am working in a German-Israeli art gallery, Circle1 Platform for Art and Culture, where I am mostly an artists’ assistant and a designer. My professional interests among others is curating and organising exhibitions engaging cultural and transnational dialogue. My previous work experience is connected to working within cultural institutions, like Bunkier Sztuki or POLIN Museum. Currently I work as a freelance designer, cooperating with a performance arts foundation on premieres and showcases.

This year I am graduating MA in Jewish studies at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. My academic interests mostly focus on contemporary Israeli art, my MA thesis is about the influence of the political situation in Israel in the late 1960s on the Monument to the Negev Brigade by Dani Karavan. During my high education I studied in Israel, at Tel Aviv University and Haifa University. I participated in international projects and workshops, among others organised by the POLIN Museum in Warsaw. Gaining the experience of studying with and meeting students and researchers has further my interest in collaborating internationally within arts and art research between the Middle East and Europe.

My artistic practice focuses on lens-based media, engaging photography, video art and performance. In Krakow I cooperated with intermedia artists on events and publications on cyber-feminist discourse. Currently I am interested in topics of fluid identity and its intercultural context, carrying out a performative project based in between Berlin, Poland and the Middle East.

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