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Julia Cozic and Mathieu Huot

Julia Cozic (Berlin) has chosen the theater field in order to make it happen, to follow its evolutions and to discover more different «Weltanschauungen» while building hers. She got to know numerous artists, and decided to help and encourage them to produce their art and spread their words.

She first worked as an intern for many institutions and companies, as an assistant for various artists and producers, and is now in charge of many international projects for arts vivants as a project manager for a french-cultural institute in Berlin and for of a french contemporary theater company.

Mathieu Huot (Paris) studied politics before becoming theatre director, actor and writer in 2005. He founded Compagnie Mahu in 2008 to cross all borders (social, geographical, cultural, intimate, cross-arts and cross-sectors). He opens a fun, undetermined space to experiment both individual and collective liberty, equality and fraternity.

In 2013 he co-founded international Collectif Open Source (artistic research collective on theatre directing). His experience in queer cabaret, performance art, improv. dance, scientific mediation, community art and contemporary theatre made him create inclusive shows in France, England, Germany, Turkey and Marocco.

Together J.Cozic and M.Huot invite us to root our practice and thoughts in our spectator's experience. They have initiated in 2016 a research for the spectator to take part in artistic choices, decisions and creations. They prepared transnational, bilingual play Quartett2 and worked with the Plateforme of French/German Young Creation on transnational workshops for spectators in Avignon (France) and Berliner Theatertreffen (Germany) festivals, and experimented Publicumstreffen - an international night about, for, with and by spectators.

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