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Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio

I’m a researcher, writer, editor and curator, working across different disciplines, territories and cultures. I hold a PhD in “Art History, Theory and Criticism” from the University of Barcelona, with a research focused on “Contemporary Art as a tool for intercultural dialogue in the Mediterranean”. I’m a faculty member and core advisor at Transart Institute (NY-Berlin), and Professor and coordinator of the Postgraduate course on International Cultural Cooperation at University of Barcelona. As an art critic, editor and independent curator I collaborate with international organizations and institutions and I write extensively for several international magazines.

From the beginning of my studies at University I decided to focus my interest and my research on the practices of intercultural processes, cross-cultural encounters, international relations, cultural policies, mobility and representation through the artistic, creative and educational experiences. My current lines of research involve the topics of participation, community-engagement, utopia, journey, walking, encounter, the interactions between art and cultural practices in the Mediterranean and between Asia and Europe. Cultural mobility and intercultural exchanges between different world regions are an important part of my current research.

My transversal and interdisciplinary approach –as a researcher and practitioner- connects with several of the topics and trajectories of the Reshape project, but among them I’m especially interested in the one focused on working transnationally.

Some links of current projects that may be interesting to share:
My participation in the CAPP project
Co-Editor of “Art in Context. Learning from the Field
Co-editor of “Walking Art/Walking Aesthetics” 
The workshop: “Articulating Trans-territoriality

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