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Fabio Caccuri

My name is Fabio Caccuri, art researcher with a MA in Visual Arts from the Iuav University of Venice. Since several years my research aims at developing strategies for the production and use of art in unconventional and multidisciplinary contexts, with a special focus on the creation of temporary communities. Since 2015, I started collaborating with the first edition of the collective art project Fòcare, which I currently have the pleasure of representing for the Reshape open-call.

Fòcare takes place every December in the small village of Villa Littorio, located in the heart of Cilento National Park, Campania, Italy. The festival is organized by an open collective of transdisciplinary artists coming from different parts of Italy and Europe and in collaboration with several members from the local community. The festival started with the desire of reactivating the local pagan tradition of the Fòcare (large bonfires built before Christmas Eve in the main squares of the village) through art installations and performances, and soon became a lively experiment for artistic collaboration and self-management practices. During and after its fourth edition in 2018, Fòcare started to resonate on how to develop a working plan to improve upon the project for the forthcoming years.

One of the core questions that emerged as a result of the initiative was related to the internal coordination of a collective composed of several members residing in different geographical areas and having to work together with the need of implementing effective and efficient non-hierarchical decision-making processes within the participants. The collective is also actively working on an appropriate evaluation system which would verify the long-term impacts of the project on the local community and also create a stronger network of analogous entities active in similar contexts primarily on a local but additionally on a national scale.

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