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Edyta Ganc

Hi Reshapers:) I'm Edyta. I'm 40 years old theatrologist, theater director but also active therapist working in process oriented psychology. I connect theater and therapy using experimental ideas and tools of engaging the audience. I link process theater with documentary theater using my innovative tools and methods. I believe that the theater is the area where actors - non actors can coexist with the audience - non audience. They can experience their processes reffering them to common subjects, symbols and ideas. I believe the theater can be the therapeutic method of creating new social interfaces and references. Can also be the change we look for.

I have realised several theatrical documentary projects working with different groups of women, seniors, teenagers and children. In 2017 I established Opened Process Theater (independent group of proffesionals and non - professionals) in which I create new methods and tools of theatrical work basing on process, documentary, therapeutic influences. I believe that Theater can have both therapeutic and socializing tasks and can create new, more conscious audiences. For last two years I have also led small process theater group in Mental Health Hospital in Warsaw.

I graduated from Faculty of Theater on Jagiellonian University and Process Oriented Psychology Institute. I was awarded twice with The Warsaw Cultural Education Program for theatrical projects engaging unemployed woman (Wola Kobiet project) and seniors (Seniors Electro Show project). My aim is to work more on new process oriented tools to engage theatrical audience in new, experimental ways. Actually I am preparing my next spectacle in Opened Process Theater. It will be the vision of new human communication in the future. I am actually planning how the audience can be engaged in this whole process. Your project is so spectacular and great that I would love to be one of your Reshapers! Regards! Edyta Ganc

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