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Brendan Jackson

I originally trained in visual communication, holding a Fellowship in Photography at the Photographic Gallery, Southampton University, and was part of the development of the John Hansard Gallery there. Since that time my interest has been in collaborative projects where my expertise intersects with photography and film, community arts and hidden histories, writing and mixed-media. In the 1990s I was a project director of Jubilee Arts, winning a BAFTA as producer of ‘Lifting The Weight’ (an interactive game made with Geese Theatre based on their work in prisons) and a Health of the Nation award for ‘Asthma Attack’, an interactive health information project, and involved as an artist in various urban regeneration schemes. My interest is in projects where community engagement is intrinsic, as a curator, producer, commissioner as well as artist.

My work has been both local and international. I worked with the Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University between 2000 and 2010, and with the Borderland Foundation in Sejny between 2005-15, all of which have involved the participation of young people, young artists and cultural workers in relation to their communities, with skill sharing and learning an integral part of the work. I develop significant projects in the museums and heritage sector. A key aspect of this work is the bringing together different voices, experiences and perspectives - which are rearticulated through a range of media that include digital imagery, sound, film, print, objects, multifaceted installations and web delivery.

For example, in 2019-20, I am working on a book and film which centres on findings and observations around the iconic lighthouse at Portland Bill and the location of its original production in Smethwick in the Black Country; a ‘Living Memory’ project, also in the Black Country; developing a programme with the Polish Institute in Tbilisi. You’ll find various project examples on my website.

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