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Beshoy Adel

Beshoy Adel Makram graduate of fine arts, Minia University Direct directing through grants from the promised associations destinations fleshed American University in Lebanon and worked as a director of a theatrical and coach with the promised destinations and job offers in Lebanon, Jordan and opera in Cairo and worked on leadership promised youth initiatives fleshed with its founder, the fabric and then founded the Arts roundabout Center Minya and worked with an executive director and the actors you‘ve organized cultural and artistic festivals and involved exercises with cultural resource management in more than cultural and sprayed inside and outside Egypt.

Throughout the past four year, I Worked as Executive Manager dawar el fnoon hosted cultural events and grand art carnivals. This stems from our believe in our mission and of the role art plays in expression and making a difference by creating a working space for artists to express themselves, their creativeness and social issues. dawar el fnoon plays the role of linking artists and audiences; such a role was evident through the first German theatre carnival and the second German carnival under the name of German scripts on egyptian theatres under the cooperation with Goethe institute in cairo and Nwafeth "windows" carnival targeting marginalized villages and districts and that toured across villages in el Minia performing plays in cooperation with Madam association and el khima "tent" carnival for touring theatre which performed in the larger theatres of el minia. its last performance was in the governorate theatre and was attended by more that 2000 audiences; the performance included acting, musical and poetry shows.

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