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Bálint Tóth

I am graduated architect (Budapest University of Technology 2015.). We founded Meetlab Art&Tech Collective in 2016, to develop artistic projects, installations, irregular theatre plays, games, and organise educational workshops. We constantly experiment with formats. We search the boundaries that separate performing art from the technological world or design.

The outcome of the projects we propose and realise is highly dependant on the members who take part. Meetlab is a loose network of creative minds who join their forces around specific ideas. The product is the result of a democratic creation process, where all member’s inputs find their part in the whole. Even the format is not predictable in the beginning. Just a few examples:
- Intraverse (cross-disciplinary, participatory performance)
- Travellings, Marseille 2016. (Emerging Spaces program, In-Situ Network)
- Placcc Festival, Budapest 2016. (partner: Artopolis)
- Radio Botanica (public space radio broadcasting)
- Fatade Publice, Chisinau 2017. (partner: Oberliht Association)
- H! Workshop (light installation workshop)
- EASA Denmark, Fredericia 2017.
- How to Disappear Completely (experimental workshop + participatory performance)
- Placcc Festival, Budapest 2017. (partner: Artopolis)
- How to Disappear Completely (augmented audio narrative)
- Placcc Festival, Budapest 2018. (partner: Artopolis)
- Kaybolus, Izmir 2019. (Tandem Turkey program, partners: Artopolis, UrbanTank)

I consider art presented in public space a soft tool of architecture to develop urban spaces and communities. Through these games and workshops participants can experience their own ability to act, while behaving unusally in urban space.

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