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Azza Ezzat

I am Azza Ezzat, a Cairo based visual artist with architectural background. I am interested in urban observations. Between the formal governmental city and the informal community’s reactions, there are hidden cities that are built by residents’ impressions. My practice involves deconstructed elements in multi-intersected layers.

In 2016, I have participated in a developing project for a tunnel in Ezabet Khairallah (an informal district in Cairo). My participation was a Mural along the length of the tunnel. It's purpose is to enhance the people feeling of belonging to the place. Link to tunnel development project. Link to wall paintings.

The engagement that took place between me and the inhabitants has changed my vision of the others. I believe now that the artwork is not the main target, instead, the experience and conversations are the valued art.

I realized that what community needs is an art conversations to understand each other. I have participated in several exhibitions and workshops. But as usual depends on individual efforts of participants. They lack the spirit of teamwork and engagement among participants. Until I was admitted to ADEF youth camp in Lebanon, 2017. I learned the saying of Aly Shaath, founder of ADEF "If you want the right to know, you have to produce your knowledge then publish and share it with others." So I thought of create a series of workshops based on the exchange of sketches between artists to produce works of art group concentrated mainly on the theme of the workshop and not sanctify the artist lines as usual workshops. Our main goal was to remove the artist from his own comfort zone.

Link to workshop video. A link to the workshop announcement and a detailed explanation.

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