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Anna Włodarska

Since the very beginning of my relation with visual arts, I have been wondering and searching for answers (methods) to contact with the audience. This is why my exhibitions take place (mostly) outside of galleries, private flats. Change of place to a non-gallery has several key aspects: firstly, work with space requires of me to think what is the new space for my audience and to them. Secondly, the goal of such space is to disenchant the audience’s thinking on what is the so-called modern art – that it is incomprehensible, hermetic. Furthermore, this is an attempt to start considerations on what is creation, creativity – both my own and of others, as creative actions, understood widely: as living among other people and transposing emotions and feelings in a way that allows a mutual conversation-dialogue.

I think that 21st century has forced us to once again re-think what is groundworks, and especially what it means at the field of arts. I approach the non-gallery spaces where I show my works like I would approach constructing a mandala, with great respect and commitment to the pre-existing space. I work with it (in it, for it), then after two-three days I collect everything and start at the beginning again. Sometimes my works find their own place immediately; sometimes the place is more important than the works. Experience becomes even more vital and significant, it is to understand common opportunities and limitations. The doctorate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk presumes a series of exhibitions in private flats in at least five smallest Polish town. The result of work will be a series of photographs, in which my own body will construct an emotional alphabet of each place and its meetings.

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