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Anna Duda

For about 10 years I'm working both with institutions and independent artists or NGO in field of theater, dance and visual art, mostly as project manager, dramatist or educator. My heart is especially dedicated to dance. I'm now finishing my phd in dance Studies. Currently I'm also working in Individual Interfaculty Studies on Silesian University in Katowice, where (despite of regular work= giving our students possibilities of creating their Individual studying programme) I'm responsible for creating new projects and activities, especially connecting university with three main areas: real social environment (also in context of social or politics responibility), field of art (using artistic platform for sharing ideas) and ecology (according to new ways to incorporate ecological practices to diffrent contexts of personal and professional life).

Reshape project is interesting for me becouse it is grunded in interdisciplinary thinking, gives a voice to emerging artist and it gives opportunity to share ideas and create future collaborations for institutions and organizations like mine. Especially I'm intrested in finding links between ecology, phisical training (or wider, contemporary body practices) and academic knowledge with the aim to give this knowledge back to community.

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