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Ambrus Ivanyos

I'm a writer and dramturg. I was born in 1991, Budapest, Hungary. I've contributed in more than
 a dozen independent theatre and film projects around Europe. In the past years I turned my focus towards interactive narrative design both in performing arts, live and digital games, AR, digital storytelling and installation design. I'm exploring new technologies and new narratives with a strong interdisciplinary approach. I'm the founding member of MeetLab, a Budapest based studio focusing on interdisciplinary 
art and technology research and artist in the IN-SITU Network, the European Platform for Artistic Creation in Public Space.

In our collective work with MeetLab we want to explore new ways of creating artistic projects that can’t be labeled by the present standards. We wish to break the boundaries that separate performing or applied art from the technological world or design. Our goal is to find the synthesis between ART and TECH through interdisciplinary projects and invent new categories for ourselves that are based on a real contemporary view of the constantly changing world around us. In our studio in Budapest we are ready to develop projects from concept to production and organize events and workshops to keep constant contact with other professionals. This enables us to keep an open-minded approach and adaptability necessary to fully appreciate our various projects.

The reason why I'm most interested in the Reshape project is that my professional experience shows that new types of art projects often struggle to find funding and it is challenging to engage with the audience. I believe that the value of these projects is far greater than the audience they reach. I've grown to understand that it is the responsibility of the creators to educate the audience and it is even more true with the new political and social context and new type of artworks.

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