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Alex Meszmer

Alex Meszmer was born in Lindenberg/Allgaeu, Germany and studied in Kassel, Germany. Since 2001 he has lived mainly in Pfyn, Switzerland. Meszmer has worked as a visual artist and curator since 1995. He exhibits internationally and has won various awards. From 2003 – 2010 he was a member of the curatorial team of visarteost and Projektraum exex in St. Gallen, curating several exhibitions and organizing a performance program.

He is a member of the National Committee of VISARTE – Association of Professional Artists, Switzerland. Meszmer works closely with IGBK Berlin as an expert for the European Commission for questions regarding artists’ mobility. He is editor of Swiss Art Magazine, the annual magazine of visarte (the Swiss professional artists’ association) and he helped to organize a campaign for the social security of artists. He was Head of Fine Arts and Lecturer at the Art and Design School, St. Gallen.

Together with his partner Reto Mueller, he has developed public art projects in their local community. He is organising a digital archive about the Swiss village Pfyn, running the Transitory Museum, an ever-changing museum and declared their village cultural capital of Switzerland for 2011-12. Since 2014, Meszmer Mueller are searching for the beauty of democracy with their club ‘desirer’ and they are working on a community museum project with archaeologists in the city of Asyut, Egypt. They collaborate with international artists and run a short term residency program in Pfyn.

Since 2012, Alex Meszmer is a member of the board of Culture Action Europe. He took part in the organization of the member’s forum since 2014 and the BtO conference in Budapest 2016, Rome 2017 and Timisoara 2018. Since 2015 he is Vice President of Culture Action Europe.

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