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Ahmed Hamed

Ahmed gained a BA in Theatre Science (acting & directing) from Helwan University in Egypt in 2015. After his studies he completed a course in cinematography at the Institute of Cinema in Egypt 2016. In 2017 he attended a course in documentary film directing at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts in Sweden just before his internship with the FID Festival International De Cinema Marseille, France. Ahmed started out as a filmmaker and his two short films received six awards and have been shown at film festivals all over the world. Recently involving a screening at the BBC Arabic Festival in London 2018 and aired on the BBC Arabic channel 2018 and at the launch of Sharjah Film Platform (SFP) 2019, organised by Sharjah Art Foundation in UAE. Ahmed works as a Filmmaker and Proudcer

"Identity ... one of the words that seem clearest but often treacherous. Its a false friend. We all think we know what the word means and go on trusting it, even when its slyly starting to say the opposite"
Individuals do not define their own identity and gender. The roles of men and women are constantly defined and redefined by societies and cultures, identities as well. Identity is also subject to determine by groups of individuals and social movements. In the city where we live we try to identify and re-connect with it with a different perspective by work with Visual Art, Video Art, Sound Art and Live Performances

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