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PISZE / MÓWI / ROBI collective

PISZE / MÓWI / ROBI is a collective, which maneuvers in the field of art; asking about geography, infrastructure and protocols of art, it investigate relationships between art and place and affiliation; between art’s product and its contexts; between production of knowledge and production of art.

PISZE / MÓWI / ROBI proposes various methods of (auto) education and knowledge dissemination. It is based on work in the process, based on the circulation and exchange of functions. In a collective and direct way of acting, it uses various formats such as conversation, exhibition, lecture, research, performance, publications and forms of education.

Group's PROJECTS: 2018 Waschkaue: Dividing Line, Mz. Baltazar’s, Vienna AT: exhibition and performance, PACT Zollverein, Essen DE: research residency
2017 Laboratorium Research II: exhibition, screenings, talks, workshop, City Gallery Gdansk PL
2017 Curatorial Workshop for students of Hue College of Fine Arts, Hue Vietnam
2016 Laboratorium Research: exhibition, meetings and workshop, City Gallery Gdansk PL
2015 Techniques of Release: curatorial project / book publication, PF Photography Gallery, Poznan PL

Karolina Majewska-Güde - researcher, writer, curator
Dorota Walentynowicz - visual artist, performer, curator
Patrycja Ryłko - curator, film producer

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