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We are a professional association for the promotion of innovation in culture and the culture of innovation in the Basque Country. A network that includes agents, spaces and programmes related to contemporary creation and applied creativity, from a prospective of dialogue, cross-cutting approaches and hybridisation between different fields and disciplines.

KARRASKAN was founded in January 2012 and is formed by independent professional agents from the Basque Autonomous Community; of a diverse nature regarding its dimensional or legal form; related to culture, contemporary creation and/or applied creativity; whose field of activity goes from ideation, to the practical materialisation of small or large productions, including mediation work, consultancy, management or other advanced services.

To define our function or the field in which we operate we use the phrase ‘Innovation in culture and culture of innovation’, which means that we want to innovate in the cultural environment that is ours, but that we also want to transfer the culture of innovation to other productive, social, etc. fields.

In addition, we believe that we can play an interesting role when rethinking the role and relationships between public and private agents to try to reinforce what is shared (at a time in which it is seriously threatened) and to propose possible models of subsidiarity, channelling and control of public resources.

Marina Urruticoechea
Bilbao, Spain
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