IntensiveCANCELLED: Reshape Intensive Zagreb

Keynote Lecture

Cancelled // Reshape Party & Concert by pj.lo (ego trip hop)

We'll close the Reshape Intensive Zagreb programme with a party and a concert! We'll have a chance to listen to pj.lo, an ego trip hop band that describes itself as follows:

I'm not what you see. I'm not what you cannot see either. I dwell in the space between the mask and the skin. I'm never only here. Nor am I completly elsewhere. I'm in between projects, between relationships, between appointments, between jobs, in between texts. I'm climbing up stairs, jumping from one roof to the others, crossing tunnels, shooting little stars in order to get points, sliding down on lianas like in a Mario game. I was born on a shooting arrow. I'm tearing holes in pockets so as to leave a trail of mails, gestures, words, objects and feelings behind me in the hope the would help me to find my way back. Back in the between. I only feel myself only when I'm on the stage playing myself.


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Walking Tour

Cancelled // Visit to Dotrščina Memorial Park

On the edge of Zagreb, there is a forest where locals take walks, relax and enjoy the air. Unlike the nearby Maksimir Park, where there is a zoo, a children’s playground, a restaurant and other entertainment facilities, this park is not overcrowded and is not a major destination for families seeking a leisurely Sunday stroll.

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Cancelled // Vincent Liegey: To Reshape Well, Let's Degrowth

"Degrowth" has emerged over the last 15 years. This "bomb word" has been used to open in-depth debates on whether infinite growth in a finite world is desirable or even possible. Degrowth first deconstructs the myth that growth is the central solution for the impasse our capitalist, productivist and consumerist societies have led us to.

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