The Complaints Choir of Edinburgh (Harry’s Complaint) - Daniel Padden and Peter Nicholson.

Workshop in Edinburgh: How can art radically imagine new forms of citizenship and empower us to act?

A university created and run by refugees > Social enterprises forged through vulnerable street children creating a circus > Historic injustices and everyday niggles aired and shared through joining a complaints choir > An energy cooperative developed from street parties > A nation-wide exchange economy fuelled through independent music festivals > Urban transport nightmares tackled through graffiti vigilantism > An inclusive cross-generational school fashioned collaboratively inside a recently re-opened nuclear exclusion zone ...

These inspiring and often courageous actions, and many many others like them, are happening at this moment all over the world. Whilst seemingly disparate, they are all contributing to radical reimaginings of citizenship and action through culture and creativity. They are people-centred and collective in spirit, and forcefully driven by unshakeable values. They occupy fresh territories of the imagination and build community, ownership and possibility, mostly and at times deliberately beyond existing institutions. They are foregrounding radical thinking and doing. Perhaps most importantly, while most have art and culture as their starting point, these actions are primarily focussed on tackling real-world issues and are challenging deeply-embedded conventions of our prevailing social, as well as cultural, structures.

The second workshop within the RESHAPE project will be organized in Edinburgh from 26 to 28 Jun 2019 by the British Council. This trajectory (Art and citizenship) is facilitated by Shelagh Wright and Peter Jenkinson and Reshapers taking part in it are Chiara Organtini, Paky Vlassopoulou, Virág Major, Joon Lynn Goh, Ana Alexieva, An Vandermeulen, Maria Vlachou and Jessica Huber.

Find out more about it here.

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