Johanna Gilje, Exercises to remember memory. photo by Nicoleta Hutanu

We Wanna Sleep With Common People

These days are really important days for me. I am selling my home. 30 square meters of size and over 10 year of life in these walls. It hosted my life and my work; what is now called homemade culture. In this little box I called home, I created my own festival, more than one actually. Three. They’ve all left by now, they live across Romania and abroad.

As most of myself does these days. Leaving the studio where I lived since 2007 is an inevitable step in my life. Every time I return from my travels, I feel it even more; it is no longer who I am. Sure, domestic space can shape and nurture our personality, the same way public space shapes our behaviour and culture as we grow up. But it can also prevent our personal evolution.

Evolution is change. Stepping out of my comfort zone or even my own home.

I want to experience this change in full awareness, as a moment of inner truth. It feels like an important threshold to the next room. 

Why I do (and did) what I do (and did)?

As an artist I am not interested in making the world better, but yet I do. I am just like you, an agent of culture fighting against social entropy. Trying to keep the pieces of society together, binding them with culture.

I need to harmonize these two sides.

For my domestic endeavours in Bucharest I coined different terms for this:

and most importantly

Common people are offered the option of becoming organizers of cultural events, not just consumers. Could the uberization of culture be the next level? It could be a benchmark to measure the cultural potential of a city; outside of the institutions and into homes. 

In order to make changes, we must leave our comfort zone.

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