Using Tarot to identify collective vision

During the weekend of 11th - 13th June, Reshaper Petr Dlouhy and his colleagues from Prague based Studio Alta went out of the town and settled in a small camp in the countryside to have a plenary meeting whose main aim was to identify the collective vision of the institution’s future.After sunset, Petr gathered the core team of Studio Alta counting 10 culture workers for a tarot session by the fire. He provided the team with a special reading which was focused on embracing the potential of collective imagination to deal with the current issue(s).

The tarot session enabled the collective to calibrate our imagination, it lightened the heavy conversation which they avoided for some time and it provided them with a perspective that they hadn’t expected. It had established a stable ground for the conversations the group had in the following days after the session and they found themselves many times going back to some details in the tarot when the participants were identifying which decision should be made.

The tarot brought much needed magic & inspiring poetics to their gathering and proved to be an extremely beneficial tool to accompany internal gatherings of institutions.

Studio Alta is a performance & contemporary dance venue which has over a 10-year old history and is deeply rooted in both local and international landscape. Yet it is now in the phase of transition as the building of Studio Alta resides in at the moment will be closed and the venue has to find either a new home or to transform its identity and way of work. In both cases, a collective vision of the institution's future is needed. This is why Petr Dlouhy brought the tarot cards as their companion to discuss the future.


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