photo: Ronny Skevis

RESHAPE PROTOTYPE ON THE ROAD - The Gamified Workshop Toolkit: Values of Solidarity in Athens!

Finally together on-site!The Reshape team has been working hard during the months of pandemic - and the results are here! Tangible, intangible, in the form of ideas and concepts, but also games, cards and publication.

The Gamified Workshop Toolkit: Values of Solidarity, together with one of the Reshapers, Doreen Toutikian, travelled to Greece. Organized by the Reshape Greek partner, the Ίδρυμα Ωνάση / Onassis Foundation, the workshop took place in Athens on April the 6th. The prototype designed by Doreen and her colleagues, Anikó Rácz and Dorota Ogrodzka, was tested with 13 participants of Movement IV of the School of Infinite Rehearsals of Onassis AiR and the Onassis AiR team Ash Bulayev, Nefeli Myrodia, Myrto Katsimicha, Georgia Giannakea.
All participants were tested for Covid19 prior to the workshop - it is such a joy to see people together!

photo: Ronny Skevis

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