CANCELLED: Reshape Intensive Zagreb

Unfortunately, we are canceling the public programme of the Reshape Intensive Zagreb that includes lectures by Renata Salecl, Vincent Liegey, Juliette Hennequin and Pascal Gielen, as well as announced walks and talks. The programme of the Intensive was primarily aimed to the participants of the Reshape project that are coming from various countries across the EuroMed region. Due to the current situation of the spreading of Corona virus across Europ, travelling and larger meetings represent an additional threat of the spreading of the virus. Although we wish not to contribute to the panic presented in some media, we are convinced that we should take the responsibility for the prevention of the further spreading of the infection. We apologise to all of those who planned to attend the Reshape Intensive Zagreb programme and announce that the lectures will be held as a part of other Reshape activities. The working part of the Intensive will be held online.

From March 9 to March 13 we'll organise Reshape Intensive in Zagreb, a meeting of art practitioners that are actively rethinking and reshaping organisational models for the arts sector in the EuroMed region.  The meeting is organised within the RESHAPE project, a research and development project that brings together artists and art workers from Europe and the South Mediterranean to jointly imagine how arts will be created, accessed and experienced in the future. RESHAPE relies on the collective intelligence and creativity of the cultural workers on the ground. A bottom-up process, it gathers artists and activists who already have experience and expertise in imagining alternative practices and transforming them into concrete actions and policy recommendations.

Zagreb Intensive will take place at a crucial moment of the process, when 5 groups are already deep in the producing, selecting and fine-tuning of their ideas. Two rounds of workshops have already delved deep into the five major topics the project is researching: the connections and spaces between art and citizenship; how to collectively design fairer governance models; what value art can bring to the social fabric; how to fund art on the principles of solidarity; how to tackle inequalities when practising art transnationally. This will be the chance to bring these discussions together and to further design overarching alternatives for the improvement of the arts sector.

Zagreb Intensive will bring into the discussion perspectives from social, historical, environmental, philosophical and economic fields, as well as examples of some alternative practices from the Croatian context that have already been put into practice.

Find out more about the programme here.

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