Art Field - Battlefield. Debate on the struggles for the better conditions of work in the sphere of visual arts

At the working sessions and open plenary debate on the struggles for the better conditions of work in the sphere of visual arts we presented our work done within the RESHAPE project and contributed to the understanding of the needs of artists.

When at the beginning of last year the pandemic crisis broke out poor working conditions in the sphere of arts and culture became evident. Its decades-long degradation presents one of the processes in the context of global neoliberal deregulation. The pandemic has made many individuals, associations and initiatives at the regional and international level more actively engaged and confronted with these processes, demanding better social, economic and professional working conditions in art and advocating for a more purposeful role of art in society. The panel discussion opened an opportunity to present initiatives from the region and Europe and an attempt to define guidelines and strategies for continuing the struggle in the field of art through the exchange of experiences.

The panel discussion was organized as a continuation of the debate-research program “Towards Horizontality in Art” with the support of the Sector for International Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and in cooperation with the Reshape project.

Participants: Katja Praznik (SLO / USA), Giuliana Racco (PAAC, CAT), Dušica Vesnić and Dejan Marković (Association of Fine Artists of Užice, SRB), Igor Rakčević (ULUCG, CG), Ana Kutleša (For BREAD, HR), Sanela Nuhanović (Public Institution Collegium artisticum Sarajevo, BIH), Joery Scheepers (SOTA, BE), Dirk de Wit (Flanders Arts Institute, BE), Milica Ilić (ONDA, Reshape, BE), Marijana Rimarić (Pogon, HR), as well as ULUS representatives: Vahida Ramujkić, Tijana Cvetković, Isidora Ilić, Miodrag Vargić, Milan Đorđević, Danilo Prnjat, Marija Kauzlarić, Milena Putnik, etc.

The discussion is available here, here and here.

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