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Mohamed Oussama Houij

This part should be written rigorously about all the great things that i should show off to be taken seriously. I'm not willing to undertake this task for numerous reasons, the foremost being that you probably receive hundreds of them everyday and you don't need to read a more complexe one already. So i'll cut short, enjoy.

I had a formal education in agronomic engineering and more specifically in sanitary engineering ... i did survive it, but i'm never doing any engineering job because i love engineering too much.

As soon as i had my degree, i started doing things that i thought mattered for real. What matters to me, especially in Tunisia, is pollution (that sanitary engineering degree was usefull after all), so i launched an online campaign to mock the ridiculous state of things we reached here. I called it Zabaltuna and i used old painting's characters, real photos of trash around Tunis, and some well thought local proverbs. it went viral, eclipsed the state sponsored campaign and made a lot of people laugh and cry (mostly, through facebook reactions, mhm. - link) and so much more, wohoo mom i'm famous on the internet.

When the hype went down and i got tired of collaborating with people (that mostly lacked the intention to put all their energy in the process), i thought of a better way to raise awareness, by acting. How? well, as soon as summer started burning us alive (40 to 45°C) i packed my bag and went on to walk alone 300 kilometers of Tunisia's coast to clean alone the way 30 beaches while documenting and sharing the story online. Internet went crazy around it, there's even chineese media talking about it (maybe i should go visit them on foot sometime?) Link.
Text too long, cannot write more, oops. Sorry. The rest will be mystery.

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