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Kornilia (Korina) Vasileiadou

I am a stage director and dramaturg. I have graduated from the School of Drama, Faculty of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I have been working in theatre since 2006, collaborating with small groups and well established institutions alike. My interest through the years have expanded from pure-entertainment-theatre-making to creating performances that address social issues and engage local communities or minority groups through the medium of theatre.

This turn of mine has been shaped by the political and social upheaval that has been occurring in Greece the last decade or so and it came as a response to the social and cultural alienation that came along with the so called Crisis. My CV shares a common ground with the people affected by the Crisis but maybe differs in my decision to express this experience artistically and as collectively as I could do.

In 2011, along with like minded Greek artists of the field of performing arts, influx artist collective was created in order to create performances that could provide a theatre alternative narrative to the reality being shaped around us. Influx performances have been twice awarded with the International Ibsen Scholarship Award (2013,2015).

Along with my theatre practise, I have also retained a strong academic interest, resulting a MFA in the field of the Pedagogy of Theatre and in a Fellowship of Performance from the Center for Hellenic Studies of Harvard University. Being willing to share all of this, I have been teaching in Drama Schools and I have also provided master classes in the Theatre Studies Department of the University of Peloponnese. Recently, I have indulged in Documentary Film-making Studies, in an attempt to use the medium of cinema in my ongoing relationship with the creative treatment of the world around me and within me.

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